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WVDA State Code Rules

The following rules under the regulation of the WVDA are being placed out for comment on September 18,2017. The commend period will end on October 18, 2017 at 12:00pm. Please feel free to leave a comment on any rule or rules that you wish by clicking on the comment link next to the rule you are referencing. Please leave your name and address with your comment.

61CSR01a - Feeding of Untreated Garbage to Swine Comment​
61CSR01B - Registration Forms and Tags for Registration, Taxation and Control of Dogs Comment​
61CSR01C - Disposal of Dead Poultry Comment​
61CSR01D - 2005 List of Restricted Live, Modified Live and Killed Vaccines for Animals Comment​
​61CSR1 - Animal Disease Control Comment​
61CSR2 - West Virginia Apiary Law ​​Comment​
61CSR4B - Frozen Dessert and Imitation Frozen Dessert Comment​
61CSR4C - Dairy Products and Imitation dairy Products Comment​
61CSR5 - Commercial Feed Comment​
61CSR6b - Primary and Secondary Containment of Fertilizers Comment​
61CSR6D - Nutrient Management Certification Comment​
​61CSR7A - Marketing of Egg Regulations Comment​
61CSR8B - Schedule of Charges for Inspection Services Fruit Comment​
61CSR9 - WV Seed Law (Rule) Comment​
61CSR12G - General Groundwater Protection Rules for Fertilizers and Manures Comment​
61CSR13A - Poultry Rules for Hatcheries Growers and Contractors pertaining to Poultry Disease Control and Eradication Comment​
61CSR14 - West Virginia Plant Pest Act Comment​
61CSR14A - Noxious Weeds Comment​
61CSR16 - Inspection of Meat and Poultry Comment​
61CSR22 - Generic State Management Plan for Pesticides and Fertilizers in Groundwater Comment​
​61CSR22B - BMP for Fertilizers and Manures Comment​
​61CSR23A - WV Fish Processing Rules Comment​
​61CSR23B - WV Shellfish Rule Comment​
61CSR23D - Inspection of Nontraditional, Domesticated Animals Comment​
​61CSR24 - WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program Comment​
61CSR28 - Poultry Litter and Manure Movement into Primary Poultry Breeder Rearing Areas Comment​
​61CSR29 - Industrial Hemp Comment​
​61CSR32 - Equine Rescue Facilities Comment​
61CSR34 - Captive Cervid Comment​
​61CSR35 - Aquaculture Importation Comment
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